Spring is in season! With it comes the excitement of new growth, warmer weather, and sunshine. Nothing captures the beauty of spring like colorful flowers: each one a natural work of art. A flower decoupage—the ultimate spring tray decor—is also a work of art. It reflects the stunning brilliance of spring in a gift that will take your loved one's breath away. 

Giving gifts is scientifically proven to benefit both the gift-giver and the recipient. For a pretty and long-lasting gift, consider giving someone special a spring gift of decoupage roses. These roses and other flowers are immortalized in unique, handmade glass art, allowing you to give a memory that lasts a lifetime. Browse some of our new arrivals today.

New Season, New Beginnings 

Giving the gift of flower decoupage is a wonderful way to welcome the season. Your favorite flowers can become the most luxurious of spring gifts and unlike real flowers, these ones will never wilt. By giving someone special in your life a decoupage tray adorned with their favorite flowers, you can celebrate a hallmark moment while leaving them with an amazing piece of art. Loved ones can treasure these glass items for a lifetime and pass them down for generations to come.