The Best Thing To Hold On To Is Each Other, Artisan Scented Candle

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Harken back to the days of old Hollywood, when movies like Sabrina and Breakfast At Tiffany's ruled the box office, and movie stars like Audrey Hepburn invented and defined elegance, style and charm.

Reminiscent of this, the signature fragrance features delicate rose, frangipani - with hints of precious wood and ylang ylang notes.

Artisanal perfume grade fragrances containing essential oils to deliver an authentic and a true scent. Painstakingly designed to fully and evenly scent any room. Hand-poured in the United States, delivered in a smart stripped frosted glass vessel with a lead free wick.

A carefully crafted soy bend wax provide a generous clean and refined experience. Designed in New York City, hand-poured in California.