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Planning an event comes with its own challenges. There are lots of steps involved, from selecting a venue, making invitations, and setting up the catering to planning agendas and the event itself. For those who've chosen a DIY venue, decorating the facility can be especially difficult. Here are a few pointers and tips that can help you pick excellent decorations for a classy event.

Choose a Consistent Tone/Theme

When planning and decorating for an event, it's important to be consistent in your theme and mood. It may not seem crucial at the moment, but it makes a big difference in the long run. For example, you'll want to maintain appropriate reverence and respect for memorial events, such as funerals. For these events, it may be appropriate to incorporate photos of the person being remembered into your venue. You may want decorations that feature their favorite quotes or sayings written on them, as opposed to loud, vibrant decorations.

An example decorative idea for this is a personalized custom decoupage glass tray, which can display any message. These trays are extremely versatile and crafty, and can blend in perfectly with any theme. You can feature encouraging quotes or photos on the glass piece, making them both useful and stylish.

Glass Trays

If you're looking for decoupage gift ideas or decoupage glass decor, Ben's Garden provides an expansive range of decoupage glass trays available for purchase. Glass trays are extremely versatile–serving a useful purpose while also capturing the aesthetic appeal of any theme you choose. Decoupage on glass is a high-quality decorative glass that can suit any occasion. 

In addition to style and craftsmanship, these glass trays can be customized to suit the needs of any occasion. Pictures of loved ones, artwork, and inspirational quotes are all potential options for customization with decoupage glass. This way, those who may not care for the default options available at Ben's Garden are still able to find a piece that works for them.

Establish Event Goals

Every decision you make while planning an event will depend entirely on the goals you wish to accomplish there. If the goal is to memorialize an event or a person, decoration will usually be more likely to evoke memory and thought with words and stories. Weddings may focus on couples more than on individuals, which can affect the photos, quotes, and other decorations you choose. More festive, celebratory occasions will often feature more festive, bright colors that accent the community and activity at the event. 

Work With the Space Available

For most events, especially events with a modest amount of space available for use, it's important to recognize and plan around the furniture and floor plan. If there is a minimal amount of space available, you'll need to get creative with the space that you do have. 

The convenience of decoupage glass trays is that they are unbeatable in the realm of adaptability and customization. The images or text they display can be customized before you buy. This gives the designer the power to find a tray that meets the needs of the venue and theme exactly. 

Furniture Choice

Keep the style and layout in furniture in mind as well. Some venues may have heavy furniture that's difficult to move. Others may have styles that can clash with some decorations. Some venues may lack furniture entirely, and you might be left to provide your own. Remember that weddings and funerals will require more extensive seating arrangements than most events, while parties or receptions may require less seating arrangements and more room for dancing and visiting. 


Lighting is important, especially in settings where light needs to be focused on specific areas: for example, a memorial event that features a photo display. In this case, proper lighting in these areas can be a crucial part of the event. 


The most important goal any event planner should have in mind is to do everything they can to ensure the event is enjoyable and memorable. All the previous steps help fulfill this purpose, but the best ways to do this will ultimately depend on the type of event and the venue that is available. Choose decorations that fit your venue and you'll be in a great position to have a successful event.

Whether the occasion is one of mourning or celebration, we feel the glass trays offered by Ben's Garden are sure to complete any event arrangement. Decoupage glass trays are stylish on their own as a decorative centerpiece, but they also serve a useful function. They're great for serving finger foods and desserts. You can also use them to store small personal items–or even paper programs for an event that requires them. 

Overall, these trays add subtle elegance and quality craftsmanship to any event. With so many options available to suit any event, decoupage glass trays are the perfect finishing touch to your event decor. Contact us anytime if you'd like to learn more.

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