Teacher & Graduation Shop > This special collection includes sentiment and imagery to make graduates and teachers feel they way they should- so very proud and one of a kind. Created by hand, one piece at a time, these keepsakes will remind them day after day whether on their desk, or in the office- just how important their accomplishments are and how proud of them we will always be.


Teachers keep education alive in this world. Having thoughtful, hard working role models for young people to look up to is crucial to the overall health of society. Unfortunately, our educators are not compensated or recognized enough for their sacrifices. They work tirelessly to support their students, all of whom have varying needs and challenges. Some of these students bring difficulties and emotional challenges, or troubling home lives into their learning atmosphere. Teachers are tasked with providing a good educational experience for their students despite these challenges. This year, consider teacher graduation gifts to express appreciation for all that they do.

Giving Thanks

Showing appreciation for the good that teachers do can be as simple as sending a gift or note when a student graduates. Teacher graduation gifts are a wonderful way to show appreciation for the ways teachers improve the lives of their students. 

An ideal teacher graduation gift is one that can be used in the classroom. With this in mind, Ben's Garden has gorgeous decoupage trays that make for aesthetically appealing and practical gifts .These glass trays even make excellent gifts for students from teachers–which is perfect because the trays come in a variety of sizes. They are useful, pretty, durable, and can help keep good memories present and easy to recall.

Glass Trays

Decoupage makes for great teacher retirement gifts—or student graduation gifts—because they can display thoughtful messages, like our A Great Teacher Cares tray does. It's rivaled only by our The Best Things In Life tray, so consider both when deciding what to get a beloved teacher this year.

Glass trays are also extremely customizable. You can incorporate personal names and other messages into the design, allowing you to create a personal, meaningful gift that can last a lifetime. All in all, decoupage glass trays available at Ben's Garden make lovely gifts for both teachers and students.