Handcrafted of glass and antiqued copper, whimsical calligraphy is composed on a natural background. Packaged in a fantastic signature Ben's Garden gift box, ready for gift giving. The back of each photo frame reads “Handcrafted with antiqued copper and glass in New York by Ben’s Garden.”

For many people, there’s no greater joy than receiving a gift that you know someone has put a lot of thought and heart into. When you receive a photo frame from Ben’s Garden, you can be sure that whoever purchased this gift for you had you on their mind. 

When you receive a frame from Ben’s Garden, you can guarantee you’re getting a work of art. Each photo frame at Ben’s Garden is handcrafted from glass and copper and decorated with a thoughtful or inspiring quote for your family or friends to keep in their hearts. Each glass and copper photo frame is handcrafted with care and sharp attention to detail, so when you purchase a frame from us here at Ben’s Garden, you always know that you’re receiving something of the highest quality possible.

Each photo frame comes decorated with a different quote or phrase that offers a timeless piece of wisdom, perfect for whatever you decide to place in that photo frame. From garden images to family keepsakes, you’re sure to find the perfect quote for any occasion. 

We offer several beautiful frames for whatever you may want to display. For example, our gorgeous friends photo frame, inscribed with an insightful Helen Keller quote, is the perfect place for a picture of your fondest memories with your friends. Our You Are Perfect To Me frame is the perfect photo frame for garden weddings, engagement photos, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever frame you choose, there’s no doubt that you will end up with an incredible keepsake to cherish for years to come, with a message from the heart for the people in the frame.