Many people love decorating for the holidays, but some are more difficult than others to decorate for. Valentine's Day is a bit trickier than most. While Christmas and Halloween are extremely thematically recognized, Valentine's Day is a bit more ambiguous. At least, beyond hearts, flowers, and a color scheme that consists of red and pink. If romance isn't your thing and flowers are too frilly, what other good options do you have?


Glass Valentine decoupage trays can be a wonderfully stylish and subtle decoration selection for those looking to add some Valentine's Day decor to their home. In addition to being extremely stylish, these glass trays can serve multiple purposes as well. They can be used to serve small food or dessert dishes, or can be used to hold personal items as well. Subtlety can go a long way when it comes to decorating, so consider experimenting with Valentine's tray decor this year.

Those looking for trays of this nature will find exactly what they are looking for at Ben's Garden. All decorating needs are taken care of here. If you have a custom design or custom wording in mind, we can help with that too. Just reach out to ask how you can create custom Valentine's decoupage and our expert team will walk you through the process.

Quote Gifts

Some of these gorgeous trays have the added allure of romantic quotes or phrases on them. These Valentine quote gifts can add a romantic touch to comfortable, stylish decor. With the option to add these quotes to glass decoupage trays, a whole world of possibilities are accessible for any who wish to decorate their homes for Valentine's Day or purchase a thoughtful gift for a loved one.