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Decoupage Glass Quote Trays

In the French tradition of decoupage, these bent-glass trays are handcrafted in our New York Studio. They feature whimsical calligraphy or classic typeset on a natural cream background, and each is individually signed by Ben.

Both practical and charming, Ben's signature glass decoupage is all food safe, wipe clean and the back side is felted. Also, they are suitable for hanging with a plate hanger and attractive standing on a gallery easel. A folded card explaining the time-honored decoupage process accompanies each piece.

What do you envision when you think of a classy display for a quote? Whether you imagine poetry, speech, scripture, or letters, quotes are often recalled to memorialize an idea, feeling, or event. Because of their significance and their ability to help retain memory, many people choose to incorporate quotes into their home decoration. 

Quotes can be very thematic, making them excellent choices for home decoration. For example, quotes about harvest and gratitude may be chosen to decorate a cooking or eating space, or quotes about the warm, familiar safety of home may be chosen to decorate a sitting or visiting area. 

Glass Trays

Decoupage can be an extremely effective way to capture and immortalize your favorite quotes. At Ben's Garden, decoupage glass trays can encase your favorite quote in glass in a durable, stylish way. You can display trays with quotes all throughout the home, and can serve a useful purpose beyond decor if you wish. They can be used to serve or display foods or refreshments at an event.

A Quality Gift

Decoupage glass makes an excellent, thoughtful gift. Ben's Garden gives potential buyers the option to customize their tray, making any of your favorite quotes a possibility. Customizing a gift for a loved one to have one of their favorite and most meaningful quotes is a thoughtful and genuine way of showing your care and appreciation for them. Emotions, memories, and times are captured in quotes. As you go about decorating your home or shop for gifts for those you love, keep decoupage glass in mind. These quote trays can be very meaningful gifts crafted with quality and care. 

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