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Easter Bunny Trays


Decorating for Easter Sunday can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with the wonderful colors of spring blooming into season, you have various themes to choose from when decorating. Finding decorations and gifts to accompany traditional Easter church services, easter egg decoration, and egg hunts is not only possible, but well within reach at Ben's Garden online store. Among the many quality examples of glass Easter decor available for purchase, you'll find a lovely Easter bunny tray, with the words "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" featured in a beautiful font. It's one of our favorites.

Decoupage trays are a fantastic option for both gift-giving and decoration alike. Not only are they stylish and creative, but they're also useful. They can be used to hold personal items, or they can be used to serve small foods or treats. 

Additionally, design options are endless with the option to have custom text designs onto your Easter bunny tray. Glass Easter decor is extremely customizable. Whether you're looking to memorialize a custom message in glass or add the name of a loved one to your tray, Ben's Garden can accommodate. With so many gift possibilities available on their website, shopping for Easter gifts online is easier today than it ever has been. 

Make Easter Count

Decorating for Easter does not have to be a headache. Ben's Garden offers variety, style, and quality craftsmanship, all available at the fingertips of anyone with a device that can access the internet. Decorating for holidays helps you create wonderful memories you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.