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Copper & Glass Coaster Sets

Handcrafted of glass and antiqued copper with plastic bumpers protect the tabletop. Each quote available in a set of 4 coasters, wrapped with pewter grosgrain ribbon. Packaged in a fantastic signature Ben's Garden gift box, ready for gift giving. The back of each coaster reads “Handcrafted with antiqued copper and glass in New York by Ben’s Garden.”

If there’s one affordable thing that everyone needs but rarely thinks of buying for themselves, it is a set of coasters. Furniture, especially nice furniture, is too expensive to be marred with unsightly water rings from condensation on glasses. Why take that risk when a coaster can solve that problem completely? A glass coaster set can be just as classy and gorgeous as the other decorations in your home, which is great for those who prefer leaving them out where they will be remembered and used. With our glass coasters here at Ben’s Garden, you can have both the beauty and functionality you crave. 

Each one of our coasters is created with glass and surrounded with antiqued copper, complete with bumpers on the bottom of the coaster to protect your table. Our glass and copper coasters are decorated with a variety of designs, like inspirational quotes, fun sayings, and even holiday decorations for seasons like Christmas. 

When you purchase a glass coaster set, it will come packaged in a classy Ben’s Garden gift box and tied with a ribbon so that it’s immediately ready to be given as a gift if you so desire. However, we completely understand if the temptation is too great and you keep the set for yourself! 

Stylish, classy, and timeless, these coasters are perfect for any kind of occasion, any decor you may have in your home, and any room you choose to use them in. They’re subtle yet eye-catching and are sure to be the talk of the group whenever you pull them out to use them. One thing’s for sure–you won’t regret this glass coaster set!

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