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Artisan Scented Candles

Artisanal perfume grade fragrances containing essential oils to deliver an authentic and a true scent. Painstakingly designed to fully and evenly scent any room. Hand poured in the United States, delivered in a smart stripped frosted glass vessel with a lead free wick. A carefully crafted soy bend wax provide a generous clean and refined experience. Designed in New York City, poured in California.

Nothing quite beats the relaxing, calming properties of simply lighting a candle in a room. Whether you decide to light a candle to accompany you while you work from home, to signify the relaxing end of your day, or you just enjoy the gentle light and delicate scent a freshly lit artisan candle brings to your home, you deserve to have the best quality candle possible! Here at Ben’s Garden, we can provide you with the experience you’re looking for.

Our incredible artisan candles are mixed with perfume-grade fragrances that contain essential oils. These fragrances give our artisan candles an edge with their full, even fragrances that can easily fill a room with their sweet scent. Each artisan scented candle is hand-poured in California using a soy blend wax, with a lead-free wick added into each one. 

Not only do our artisan candles smell amazing, but they are also beautiful to look at. We always send our products inside a gorgeously decorated box with a fun quote or saying. Our Hello Sunshine candle comes in a bright yellow box decorated with “Hello Sunshine” in fun, elaborate calligraphy. It’s the perfect way to make someone smile if they’ve had a hard day or to give to someone who lights up your life. Our These Are Great Days artisan candles come packaged in a dark blue box, complete with the stylized Winston Churchill quote of its namesake. 

Whether you decide to give these artisan candles as a gift or keep them for yourself, you’re sure to love this elegant touch in your home. Give them a try!