Where's My Ben's Garden Order

Track Your Ben's Garden Order:

The most accurate and current information for your Ben's Garden order is always available at bensgarden.com/track

During checkout, guests can choose their preferred shipping option—we’ll provide an estimated delivery date for every item in your bag (when available) based on your shipping selection, the delivery address, and where the item(s) ship from. We offer the following shipping options:

Standard Shipping: $8. per order. What does standard shipping mean? Standard shipping shipping means exactly that: no rush, 7-10 business days or sooner. These times may be extended during holidays, launches/restocks, limited edition releases and promotions. We decided to take the benefits of ground-only shipping and make it available for anyone. Why? Because, on average, ground-only shipping is less carbon-intensive than air freight shipping. Plus, standard shipping gives our teams a little extra time to prepare your order and get it out the door. We’ll always provide an estimated delivery date during checkout, so you’ll know when to expect your order. 

Shipping FAQs

Can I change the delivery address on my order?
No, our team moves quickly to process and ship your order as soon as possible, and that means we cannot change your order or your delivery address. However, after your order ships, you can contact the carrier directly to see if they can update the address or redirect the package to a pickup facility.
Why was only part of my order delivered?
If you order multiple items, you may get multiple deliveries. We’ll send you a shipping confirmation email for each shipment, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
What should I do if my order is marked as delivered but I didn’t receive it?
For the fastest service, please contact the carrier directly. Sometimes carrier tracking information updates prematurely, and your package could be delivered within 24 hours. If it’s still before your estimated delivery date, please hold tight, your package is on the way. If it’s after your estimated delivery date, please contact the carrier for more information.
Why hasn’t my tracking information updated?
Don’t worry if your tracking information doesn’t immediately populate—the carrier sometimes takes up to 48 hours to activate the tracking information. Please check back, the tracking information should update soon.
Why is my order delayed?
We do our absolute best to deliver your order on time, but occasionally it takes us a little longer. Enhanced safety practices and high order volume sometimes slow us down. And once an order ships, your package could be delayed by circumstances like severe weather, an incomplete delivery address, or regional service delays.
Where do I find my order number?
You can find your order number in any of the order status emails we send you.
What does my Ben's Garden order status mean? Here’s some of our most common order statuses:
Submitted: The order is submitted, but we haven’t started processing it yet.
In Design. In Progress: We’re processing your order and preparing it for our distribution center.
Order Ready: We’re packing up the order and getting it ready for the carrier.
Shipped/In Transit: The carrier has picked up the package and it’s on the way.
Delivered: The package has been delivered.
Canceled: The order (or item) has been canceled. Please note, if we have to unexpectedly cancel your order, we’ll send you an email to let you know.


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