The Trouble With Trouble iPhone 5/ 5s Case

Take personal expression to the next level with our new resin iPhone snap-on case collection of whimsical quotes featured on a shimmering background with a jewel-like effect. It's the perfect accessory to add a bit of style and wit to your day. The beautiful resin exterior glows in the sunlight, it is pleasant to hold and touch, and the inside is luxuriously hand-finished and the center reads, "How do you do? From your new friend Ben," stamped in shimmering gold. The result is a case that feels like part of the phone, not just something designed around it. Perfectly designed to accompany every iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Quotes from our BEN'S GARDEN Declaration: We believe you can never speak too often with your friends. We believe in smartphones; however, consider those with BEN'S GARDEN covers smarter. We believe you can never take too many pictures. We believe in the power of fruit, and always prefer apples to blackberries. We believe the world is at your fingertips.